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Let’s Play Legion Arena #4


NOTE: The list will be added as promotions become available in the game.

: Today we’ll be talking about promotions. But first a little bit about how they are gained. You might have noticed that the Auxilia gained no XP at all by fighting Peasants, but the Militia did. The XP earned for every kill is dependent on the relative strength between different types of units. Weaker units also have a smaller amount of XP needed to earn a promotion. In return, stronger units are much better at killing units, and a Milita might have problem earning even one kill when battling the heavies.

: So what do promotions do, exactly?

: Good question. They are what truly makes the game an RPG, in that it enables stat growth, and specializing units in different areas. The other way to do so is to buy equipment, which we’ll talk about in another post. Since advanced versions of promotions become available only after a certain level, your units will have a varied pool of promotions.

For reference, the names of promotions are in this format:

1: [name]
2: Advanced [name]
3: Expert [name]
4: Master [name]
5: Grand Master [name] I
6: Grand Master [name] II


If your units start with very little armour, like Scouts, Block is a priority. If units start out with decent armour, it might not be as pressing. The first promotion is a mere +2, but is +10 at Master.

: Dodge is nice because agility rises so rapidly, but the damage penalty is less nice. At Advanced, it’s a solid +10 with no damage penalty, though. Expert gives -1 and +15, and is far less of a concern because you’ve likely gained a few Feint by that point, and again loses that penalty at Master. If you’re really concerned about that initial penalty, you can wait until a few levels are gained. If you gain two promotions at the same time and you’re at a level where Advanced is available, you can even avoid that altogether.

: Endurance is technically one of the “star” promotions, but is functionally a defensive one. Foot soldiers start with 25, cavalry 30 and elephants… a large number. For units which have good protection from the start (most heavy infantry) this is a good promotion, especially since it’s a first choice. It also has impressive gain.

: Enemy skirmishers should preferably be flanked rather than allowed to shoot with impunity. Sometimes this is hard, though, and ranged armour is very handy in such a case, especially if your units start out with little ranged armour.

: Specialized protection works like agility. Cavalry Protection doesn’t help against trample as far as I’m aware.


: Possibly the worst type of promotion since 1) it develops linearly and 2) there is a perfectly good substitute in the formation Disciplined & Offensive, which provides an impressive melee attack bonus of 30. I never use it.

: Since there’s not much problem in having units hit the enemy, you want that attack to hurt. That’s why Feint is nice, and it upgrades somewhat exponentially too, so it is definitely a good choice, especially if units don’t start out with a lot of it.

: All units start with give or take roughly the same amount of concuss, so it is like Endurance in that units which start out with good stats should look into it. I’m not entirely sure of the mechanics of concuss, but it seems to have to do with the amount of armour the enemy unit has.

: Trample is most useful for units which move around and hit different enemies in one battle a lot. Trample is also incredibly useful in killing routed enemies, making cavalry go up in level easier. If it’s a dedicated anti-cavalry unit, though, it’s far less useful. Elephants have less use for trample since their squads have less units, and already have a lot of trample in the first place. Obviously, this promotion is only available to cavalry and elephants.

: Ranged units don’t have a lot of choice in promotions, so just pick these as they come available.

: Skirmish, however, gives far more pause for thought… if you expect the unit to actually fight hand-to-hand, the morale penalty is a great handicap. If you don’t, it’s a nice boost in marksmanship. Auxiliary Archers have more use for this than Skirmishers and Velites, but choose according to what you’d expect your units to do in battle.

: Infantry are ubiquitous, so Anti-Infantry is fairly useful. Anti-Cavalry less so, but if you’ve designated a dedicated anti-cavalry unit, it should obviously have it.

: This must be super useful, right?

: Well… no.


: Quite a few units start out disciplined, but for those who don’t, this promotion is extremely useful, in that it is the most stat-raising promotion ever. You should get it as soon as it becomes available.


: Battles are all about making the other side rout and yours not, so added morale is obviously useful. Keep in mind, though, that the morale most units start with isn’t that far from the maximum, and morale is the stat rises the most “innately”

: There is nothing more annoying than running out of order points when you really need a squad for something. Drill rectifies this somewhat, and should be used if you expect to move the unit around a lot. Keep in mind that the units that are expected to do so (Cavalry, Ranged Support) generally have less of an order point cost. Level this promotion up enough and you even gain an order point growth bonus, which helps the whole army.

: These are exclusively for the Legate. I prefer to extend the leadership radius first, then Strategist, then Quick Thinker.


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