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Legion Arena #6


Gauls and Latins. At the start of the 4th century BC, the Gauls were an increasing menace to Rome. Incursions were becoming more frequent and penetrating deeper into Italy. As the Gallic threat increases, so does dissent in Latium, and Rome may again be forced to send troops to pacify the region.

: While easy enough on Normal or Hard, this is very hard on Very Hard-

: Well, duh!

: -since enemies can take for more punishment. There’s a patch of rough terrain, but it would be bad news for the Scouts and the Hastati, so let’s fight them right on. Oh yes, I recruited an extra squad of Scouts just for this one battle.

: Our problem appears to be that the Hastati routs fighting that über-Militia, leaving us with little with which to beat those Spearmen with. We may have to use our noodle a little.

: Mmm, noodles.

: We’re going to switch positions around a little… Scouts go first for the trample, while the Hastati at the rightmost flank will cause some trouble by themselves.

: I love when a plan comes together like that.

: Purple! How cute!

: Yes, the light infantry is getting some backup. It’s a shame the Auxilia look so alike even though there are different colour schemes.

: This battle is rather special in that we face an all-cavalry, and we only have a limited amount of time to beat them. My spontaneous strategy is to try to strike as widely as possible, despite our rather limited amount of squads.

: What are those red boxes?

: Oh yes, by holding shift and clicking you can make an order for the unit to move to certain location when the battle starts. It’s quite useful since it doesn’t use up and order points. In this case, we want to make sure the Auxilia don’t stray from the rough ground.

: Mano e mano!

: Both the Hastati and the Scouts seemed to bite more than they could chew alone, so perhaps it is better to go together instead.

: Our lighties are done with those on the right flank, perhaps they are able to win this for us.

: Yes indeed… the kill/death ratio might look a bit bad, but keep in mind that cavalry squadrons have 24 men rather than 48.

: That’s a very large army!

: Indeed. Luckily, we don’t have to beat them all. Surviving long enough is rather trivial, but we also have to kill a large enough amount to certify that we actually did something. The most troubling element are those cavalry on the right flank, but our Auxilia should be able to deal with them. Meanwhile, we’ll slaughter us some of those tender Militia.

: XP, here we come!

: Barely a scratch on our forces, and already halfway to the target. Excellent.

: The flanking is unfortunate, but doesn’t break our plan.

: While the enemy is occupied elsewhere, we dig into those delicious Skirmishers. Our Auxilia fought long and well, but couldn’t handle the pressure.

: Wait, shouldn’t you have lost since your Hastati routed?

: Objection!

: …You’re evil.

: That looting sounds like some nasty business…

: I thought you didn’t like Rome?

: …

: Anyway, those Skirmishers are rather annoying so we’re targeting them first.

: It starts out good… I think.

: It’s getting worse…

: And ends with disaster…

: We’re trying a more collected effort this time. Hopefully those Skirmishers on the left won’t sting too much.

: Taking them out one by one is definitely more effective. Our Scouts are free to do some flanking.

: Another mission well done. Note that the “kill 150” objective isn’t of that much help, since the enemy is more or less down for the count by the time you achieve it. That’s all the battles for this update, let’s lastly take a look at promotions.


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